Devinim is a comprehensive agency that specializes in providing cutting-edge digital solutions with a strong emphasis on high performance.

We aspire to play a pivotal role in this field by offering a range of services that encompass interface and identity design, print design, editing, social media management, and SEM/SEO solutions. Our ultimate objective is to provide top-tier services to our clients, meticulously tailored to meet their individual needs.


At the core of our mission lies the commitment to pinpoint challenges and offer comprehensive solutions through our endeavors.

In addition, we are dedicated to delivering a personalized customer-service experience to each and every one of our clients. We eagerly anticipate welcoming new customers and embarking on fresh ventures as we move forward.


Your vision shapes our reality, and your goals define our vision.

We're here to help your businesses flourish on online platforms with effective digital services, providing a seamless and exceptional customer experience every step of the way.

Mark Boyacı


Mark Boyacı completed his high school education at Cağaloğlu Anadolu High School in 2007. He earned his undergraduate degree in Sociology from Marmara University in 2013, and later pursued a degree in Sports Management from Anadolu University in 2014. Currently, he is enrolled in a master's program for Sport Sociology at Hacettepe University. Professionally, Mark is a founding partner of OnyediBuçuk, a specialized digital PR firm focused on the sports industry. Additionally, he co-authored the book "Boz Baykuşlar - Bize Her Yer Deplasman," which was published in 2013.

Murat Uluk


I am the co-founder of Devinim, holding a PhD in Public Relations. At Devinim, my primary focus lies in various aspects of interface design and front-end development, with my doctoral research centered around the realm of digital capitalism. With a career spanning more than 17 years as a web designer, I have contributed my expertise to several prominent companies in Istanbul. For the past nine years, I have been an integral part of Devinim, while also dedicating time to teaching undergraduate lectures. Additionally, I hold the position of an assistant professor at İstanbul Beykent University, affiliated with the department of New Media. I possess a genuine passion for crafting and refining websites, pages, and products. Beyond my professional endeavors, I have a strong interest in academic pursuits and continuously seek to expand my knowledge in various subjects

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